Retirement Evolution Life Settlements 8% Fund

Min. Invest $50,000
Target Hold 12 mo
Annualized Returns 8%
Progress - 0% Pledged
Retirement Evolution

Earn 8%, paid monthly, secured by Life Settlements.

Investment Type: Term: Raise Amount:
12 Months $10,000,000

8% Return Paid Monthly

Checks are directly deposited (ACH) into your account on the 1st of every month.

Financial Sources

Investor Capital $10,000,000

Financial Uses

Life Settlement Polices $10,000,000

Investor's funds are SECURED by fully-owned Life Insurance Policies

The Retirement Evolution Fund holds the ownership of the Life Settlement Policies directly.  This is an ASSET-BACKED investment.

Use IRA or non-qualified funds.

Want to invest using your IRA or 401(k)?  No problem!  We work with some of the top Self-Directed IRA custodians in the country.


Withdrawal requests will be honored in a timely manner, not to exceed 120 days.

Life Settlements

Overview of Life Settlement Market


The life settlements market currently consists of two primary segments: (1) “senior settlements” where the insureds generally are at least 65 years old but may not have any immediately life threatening health impairment, and (2) the “viatical settlements” market whereby the insured party may be of any age, has a documented chronic, life threatening or terminal illness and is typically not expected to live more than four years. The life settlement market is an informal network of specialized companies and intermediaries that facilitate the sale of existing life insurance policies by their owners to third party investors. Life settlement providers purchase life insurance policies from policy owners, usually with assistance of brokers, and then sell those policies to investors.


Prior to 1998, investors in this market were mainly retail investors, which provided a majority of the capital for the market for many years. Beginning in 1998 certain large financial institutions as well as insurance companies entered the market, and since 2001 investment in the market has moved dramatically toward institutional investors.